INSPIRATIONEN by Clifford Lilley

25. November 2022
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INSPIRATIONEN by Clifford Lilley

Hi Fashion Fish fans!

When I’m visiting Fashion Fish, I’ll be on the lookout for chic styles, accessories and specials for you. I’m happy to share a few of my highlights with you here! ❤

“Clifford’s Fashion Fish World” up close.

Fashion Fish offers you – as a Fashion Fish customer – exclusively this “adventure” with Clifford worth CHF 300. Take this opportunity! Valid for limited time and bookable only by appointment.

Blue, blue, my world is blue…It’s all about the colour blue this summer… in all it’s different hues! Blue is a colour that pleases practically every eye and combines with every outfit. It has proven to be the most popular of all the colours to wear, and comes in many various shades. Over 250, in fact.
Blue denim is probably the most recognizable shade of blue and then comes navy, followed by sky blue… powder blue, cobalt blue, royal blue, midnight blue, dark blue, turquoise, electric blue, baby blue, periwinkle, periwinkle and glaucous… and and and. Blue calls to mind calmness and is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure and orderly. There’s something positive and life-affirming in the blues… and I’m not referring to the musical genre! Which in itself is quite wonderful! Ask Beyoncé - Blue (Feat. Blue Ivy, her daughter) and Elvis - Blue Suede Shoes!
Clifford Lilley, Styling-Berater und Stimme des FASHION FISH Outlets

Baldessarini keeps men's fashion alive and absolutely on trend. These masculine looks have a decidedly luxurious stamp. Comfortable, practical and oh so good looking. For the gentleman with distinct taste!
Animal print has become an indispensable part of the fashion world. How about these bold and beautiful heels from GUESS? An eye-catcher and must-have!
Top of the trend is the slipover or debardeur, as it is called in French. A sleeveless top.
This cozy wool and mohair knit is from The Gallery at Fashion Fish - and it's an absolute fall favorite.
I simply love the cool sneakers at COMPANY'S.

Trend Nr. 1
Manchester shirts, pants, jackets, caps, skirts…You name it! The biggest trend this fall is probably the good old corduroy! The comfortable material, often associated with childhood trauma, has made a big comeback. Corduroy is available in all colors, but especially popular after black and navy are the muted neutral colors like beige, sage green, pine, olive, gray, dark brown, taupe and tan. Pair it with your favorite sneakers or booties to complete your cool and comfortable look.

“War ich glücklich, COMPANYS to find at Fashion Fish! Their menswear range is diverse and cutting edge. Besides the simple blue jeans and t-shirts of super quality, I found cool outfits for every day and tried them on. From head to toe in casual cotton floral shirt, cotton blazer in tobacco and dark blue jeans. Not too shabby don’t you think?.

“Kein Besuch bei Fashion Fish ist komplett ohne einen Besuch bei Bogner. Die Qualität und der Stil ihrer Kleidung sind legendär. We love the understated elegance and sporty chic. I had to try on this spruce blue sweater and love that shade of blue…cozy knit at its best!

“Ich konnte der marineblauen Jacke aus reiner Wolle mit Reißverschluss und Kapuze nicht widerstehen. Looking cool I’d say and warm as toast!”

Clifford Lilley

Jeder Mensch hat seinen eigenen Stil, seine eigene Persönlichkeit und jeder Mensch kann das Beste aus sich herausholen; ganz nach dem Slogan: „Kleider machen Leute.“ Durch den Einsatz von verschiedenen Farben, Materialien, Schnitten und Accessoires und die richtige Kombination von diesen Komponenten können wir zusammen an einem authentischen Image arbeiten.

„Good clothes open doors!“ Unter diesem Sprichwort arbeite ich täglich mit vielen Menschen erfolgreich zusammen, denn ich bin überzeugt, dass gute Kleidung zu einem erfolgreichen Leben, Job und Zufriedenheit führen kann.

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