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A passion for sport and fashion, comfortable elegance and an extremely refined feel for quality – this is the formula that has been ensuring the success of the Bogner brand for more than 85 years. The long-established German company is considered the inventor of sporty fashion. The brand was born as a small production facility in a Munich city center backyard in 1932; over the course of the decades it has evolved from its humble but ambitious beginnings into the international label with the capital signature B and is now synonymous with luxury sports fashion. The company was founded by Willy Bogner, Sen., and his wife Maria; today it is owned by Willy Bogner, Jun., and managed by CEO Andreas Baumgärtner. Thanks to the close synergy between its legendary heritage and its use of pioneering, functional high-tech materials Bogner is well on the way to becoming an international market leader in the sports fashion segment.



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