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The magic word for a trendy casual look? Jeans, jeans, jeans … – in all shapes, colors, washes and styles. Up-to-date and more successful than ever, the cool collections cannot be missing in the world of Fashion Fish Schönenwerd! Visit the store at FASHION FISH base and find the perfect style with Lee and Wrangler!


The story of FILA begins in 1911 in a tranquil Italian town at the foot of the Alps. Four brothers provide the residents of their hometown Biella with warm clothes – with one vision: the combination of high-quality material, classic design and undogmatic practicality. This dedication soon made the manufactory founded in 1923, which initially mainly produced underwear, well-known throughout Italy. The global breakthrough finally came in 1974 – with a sportswear collection that above all revolutionized the design of tennis. The White Line Collection by designer Pier Luigi Rolando was provocative, unconventional and yet simple and honest. She presented authentic sportswear with cosmopolitan charm.

To this day, FILA stands for sophistication and Italian craftsmanship and inspires across sports boundaries to the streets of metropolises and catwalks of fashion shows. The more than 100-year success story is based on the unshakable philosophy of innovation and the spirit of always being on the move. The label has set itself the task of creating exquisite fashion that impresses in terms of performance, design and flexibility. FILA has long been a cult brand that has become an indispensable part of fashion, sports and pop culture.


While sport, including tennis in particular, gained in expression and individuality in the 20th century, FILA quickly recognized the role that suitable sportswear must play: Sportswear should support athletes in their movement and grace, they must be precise and yet flexible. Then as now, many well-known athletes, such as tennis player Björn Borg or extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner, can identify with the liveliness, freedom and finesse radiated by FILA. To this day, FILA lives from the special relationship to sport and the extraordinary talents.

FILA is first and foremost for excellent sportswear. However, this did not go unnoticed for long by the fashion scene, which discovered the unique spirit of sport for itself. When chunky sneakers were introduced into streetwear, FILA was even a pioneer with the legendary Disruptor. FILA has also been on the world’s catwalks since the 2017 summer season, initially in cooperation with Fendi. In September 2018, FILA finally presented its own spring and summer 2019 collection at the Milan Fashion Week.

The extraordinary passion of FILA and the proven quality continue to write the history of FILA. After more than 100 years, the label remains fresh and young and undeterred by the fast-moving fashion world without losing sight of the vision of the four brothers from the small Italian town.



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