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Schlossberg | Zimmerli

For over 185 years, the Swiss textile company Schlossberg has been convincing its customers not only with fine fabrics, but also with its detailed and hand-drawn designs. Creativity, passion, craftsmanship and quality are characteristic of the Schlossberg brand and guarantee that bed linen from Schlossberg is a hand-crafted product with a long and fascinating history.

At the Schlossberg Outlet in Schönenwerd, you will find a wide range of bed linen sets in different designs – colorfully floral, graphic, in block colors and even woven. Color-coordinated fitted sheets in various qualities, inner cushions and bedding with different filling materials, as well as fluffy soft terry in a variety of colors complete the product range. This is rounded off by stylish, homely accessories such as fine plaids and decorative cushions.

The Schlossberg Outlet products are sold at significantly reduced prices of -30% to -50% compared to the recommended retail price.

Our partner, Zimmerli of Switzerland, also offers an exclusive range of underwear, sleeping shirts and pajama sets in the highest quality materials for men and women – also at attractively reduced prices.

Visit us and discover the world of Schlossberg.



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