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ECCO has been a shoe manufacturer since 1963 with more than 50 years of experience Expertise and tradition combined to work with the best leathers and materials as well as innovative comfort technology continuously improves his designs to develop. For this reason we operate our own Tanners own our own production facilities and brave the conventional shoe manufacturing industry by using our special developed FLUIDFORM™ Direct Comfort technology for injection of a durable, shock-absorbing “state change” material in the Shoe mold conforming to the natural curves of the foot as well use anatomical last shapes. A continuous natural progression, as it is in nature is the case, we at ECCO achieve this by constantly optimizing our Premium leather and special soles – the basis of ECCO’s “Natural movement”. When traditional craftsmanship meets new technologies, innovations. This fundamental principle in combination with ours Brand promise applies to everything we do – including the product experience every single shoe. The only thing we’re not comfortable with is standing still.



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