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Diesel & Replay-Corner

Diesel is a fashion industry legend. A pioneer in the world of denim and casual wear, it has always remained both outside and ahead of trends. Never forsaking its original DNA, it has evolved into an iconic global lifestyle brand. Despite Diesel’s extraordinary growth, its philosophy is the same as when Renzo Rosso created it in 1978. He envisaged a brand that would stand for passion, individuality and self-expression.

Today, Diesel continues to blaze its own trail. It is on a continuing mission to challenge the status quo, experiment with new ideas, innovate and provoke. Fashion Fish do not just offer Diesel jeans, but the complete collection, including accessories for men and women.

Also discover the REPLAY brand at Diesel Shop.

Jeans are more than just a piece of clothing. They don’t just last one season. Jeans merge with the body, are formed into an indissoluble whole by the body and enter into a sublime symbiosis with the wearer. Jeans are a true reflection of who we are – put on in seconds, shaped over the years as the fabric conforms and accentuates every single curve and crease.

That’s why they’re so sexy. That’s why they’re still so rebellious, still a symbol of dressing up and thinking outside the box. That’s what makes them so unique. No two couples are ever the same, just as no two people are ever the same. Jeans, however, have nothing haute couture or high class. You are democratic.







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