Food and Drinks

Restaurant Grano – Pasta & più (Fashion Fish base)

Tasty pasta made fresh every day combined with delicious sauces, quiche, sandwiches or just a fine coffee and a sweet treat. Shopping makes you hungry and thirsty. Visit the Grano restaurant in the FASHION FISH base and enjoy refreshment for your palate. You can reach our restaurant by phone: +41 62 511 10 45

COFFEEBAR- 2B (Fashion Fish unit one)

Relax and enjoy an italian coffee and something sweet while you’re out shopping. While summertime also the garden café overlooking the River Aare is open for you. Following a stroll in the park, along the Aare or a shopping tour, enjoy coffee and cake in a relaxed atmosphere in the FASHION FISH unit one.

If you have any questions about the offer, call: +41 77 479 17 13