1. July 2022
Fashion Fish goes green

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Fashion Fish goes GREEN As part of the energetic roof renovation of the former Bally production hall, we took the opportunity to equip the new roof with a solar system for electricity production. Construction was completed at the end of August 2020.

The roof of the former Bally factory building had to be renovated. As part of this renovation, new insulation and a new trapezoidal sheet were installed. The energetic renovation will drastically reduce the building’s climate-damaging CO2 emissions. The roof thus corresponds to the current standard.

In order to take environmental considerations into account, it was decided to install a photovoltaic system as part of the roof renovation. The light energy is converted into electrical energy by means of solar cells and can be used directly by Fashion Fish. The area of the installed solar cells is about the size of eight tennis courts and has an output of 343 kWp. With the solar energy produced, Fashion Fish can cover a large part of the energy required by the shops in the outlet.